Omar LinX – Old Times Lyrics

Old Times Lyrics by Omar LinX

Well those are old times in old timbs
That’s 6 years that’s 0-10
It’s cuckoo how time fly
It’s all love there’s no end
I’m just counting out my blessing
Thank God in heaven
Throw the dice on the … Read the rest

Movie Monroe – Homies Lyrics

Homies Lyrics by Movie Monroe

[Intro: Stand By Me Clip]
[Hook: Movie Monroe]
Yeah this shit to my homies, to my homies
(Always got my side)
Yeah to my homies, to my homies
(Always got my back)
Yeah this shit to my homies, to my … Read the rest

Lucian VI – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers Lyrics by Lucian VI

I’ll stop to pay for internet
Cuz’ your posts turn my eyes red
You fuck me rough outside the bed
Girl, whatcha’ doin’ inside my head?
Can’t stop to stare at my phone
Wherever you are it feels like … Read the rest

Kur – Other Side Lyrics

Other Side Lyrics by Kur

All this shit take time
I know it’s gonna be less sunny days and more gray skies
Always told my grandma imma make time and never made time
I feel like nobody can replace Don that’s my fucking dog … Read the rest

Lucian VI – Words Lyrics

Words Lyrics by Lucian VI

Let me do my art, Christian a success
Withstand the stress
My life, my heart, Everything a mess
Effortless, Turn a thought into a trap
The trap into rap, so anger is all i get
Make a compliment and … Read the rest

Megosh – The Broken Lyrics

The Broken Lyrics by Megosh

[Youth In Revolt cover]
We are the broken
We are the wasted
An unspoken generation
Screaming out til they hear us now
Woah, woah
Do you ever feel like you have a voice at all
If you had … Read the rest

Scarlxrd – 6 Feet Lyrics

6 Feet Lyrics by Scarlxrd

I want everything there is to have don’t say I’m wrong
I’ve been through the worst and yet I’m still here standing
Step into my mind you’ll last two seconds then you’re gone
Demons in my penthouse know … Read the rest

Bad Boys – Bad Boys Lyrics

Bad Boys Lyrics by Bad Boys

You know what they say honey! Those ? belong in the water
You betta watch out those guys are out for no good I tell ya!
MCs around the world
(It’s time to face facts)
This party is for … Read the rest

Rilès – No Sleep Lyrics

No Sleep Lyrics by Rilès

Hey darling
Don’t worry ’bout me when you say
"Baby please go to sleep
Know what you really need
Slave of your fantasies
You keep on grinding, grind..
But the day I’m most afraid of is close to you
If … Read the rest

N.O.R.E. – Uno Más Lyrics

Uno Más Lyrics by N.O.R.E.

[Bridge: Pharrell]
I peeped what you goin’ through, baby
You don’t know, but it is in your eyes
I think you need a 180
Total opposite’ll be nice (yeah, yeah, yeah)
[Pre-Chorus: Pharrell]
It’s my duty to help you snap … Read the rest