Mastad0n – Black Out Lyrics

Black Out Lyrics by Mastad0n

Standing in the bottoms with the bottom of that bottle
In the middle of the rut with a smile on me, yeah
Eyes on me, yeah
Keep your mother fucking eyes on me, yeah
Verse 1:
Cough it up, … Read the rest

Kurt Vile – Sad Ghost Lyrics

Sad Ghost Lyrics by Kurt Vile

In the morning I’m not done sleeping
In the evening I guess I’m alive
That’s alright I can still peel myself up sleepwalking
In a ghost town
Think I’ll never leave my couch again
‘Cause when I’m out I’m … Read the rest

Rob C – Mere Liye Lyrics

Mere Liye Lyrics by Rob C

Janta ka kaam, bolna aur bolte jaana
Waqt aane par saath chhodna aur Na nibhaana
Shaklein inki achi par hain ye saare cobra
Main Rehna chahta door nahi dekhna inka thobra
Labels mujhe kehte tera rap nahi chalega
Banao … Read the rest

Gnags – Rutebilens Bumpen Lyrics

Rutebilens Bumpen Lyrics by Gnags

Os, der kommer fra udkanten af vi’ nok lidt langsomme, ja
For der er længere ved horisonten
Jeg ka’ tude som et tog, der kører ind på stationen, jo jo
For første gang jeg er langt væk hjemmefra
Kommer … Read the rest

STIRPE – Tutto Okay Lyrics

Tutto Okay Lyrics by STIRPE

Ah,ah.. ST,ST
Giorno 11
Certe volte molte scene mi spingono a scomparire
Altre scene mi dicono di non credere
Certa gente si trucca per apparire
Pensando che con la moda si possa scolpire l’essere
Morti vivi in questa ghost … Read the rest

Quenton Revis – Blurred Lines Lyrics

Blurred Lines Lyrics by Quenton Revis

I’m losing my vision, and as it fades
Every lie I saw fades away
Is it, is it really today?
Am I dreaming? Am I sleeping?
How long before death and I have a meeting?
Everything I want … Read the rest

Victory Worship – Beautiful Love Lyrics

Beautiful Love Lyrics by Victory Worship

They curse and laugh, You do not fight
A thousand men yell "crucify"
As crimson stains, I fill your mind
You look upon me with delight
From throne to cross, You came to die
A crown for … Read the rest